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Key Differences Between Common Massage Techniques

As more people continue to embrace massage therapy, more styles have become available. Here are some key differences between common massage techniques. 

Thai Massage

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One of the most active massage techniques may be experienced with the gentle stretching and energy work of a traditional Thai massage. While the client remains at ease, the masseuse uses hands, feet, and ultimately his or her whole body to apply gentle pressure to stiff and knotted muscles, while at the same time stretching joints and corresponding muscle groups. The stretching actions sometimes earn these style comparisons to yoga, and like a healthy yoga practice, a Thai massage may leave the client feeling loose and flexible, with increased energy and noticeably improved overall health.

Swedish Massage

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Historically the most common technique of massage practiced in the United States, Swedish massage focuses on improving blood flow to muscles and skin, eliminating any stagnation responsible for tightening and chronic soreness. The masseuse uses his or her hands to strongly knead various muscle groups throughout the body, working out knots to greatly improve circulation, and relieves chronic stress.

Deep Tissue Massage

While Swedish massage is excellent and often pleasant means of relieving superficial stress, chronic tension deep muscle layers, particularly in the neck, back, and shoulders, may require deeper penetration to relieve deeply rooted pain. That masseuse will often press gently but firmly into problematic muscles with knuckles or elbows for extended lengths of time. Tightly wound muscles may initially resist the pressure, but will ultimately give way to a satisfying release as constricted layer after layer relents, easing chronic tension and returning nourishing blood flow to areas that need healing.

Warm Stone Massage

True to its name, a warm stone massage incorporates basalt stones that have been heated to radiate warmth as they're placed on key points of the body. The weight and heat of the stones trigger muscular release, and when the smooth stones are pushed along the muscles, they apply an even, gentle push that flushes any stagnant energy or blockages, thus improving circulation and providing an effective relief to soreness and stiffness.

Aromatherapy Massage

While pleasing scents are indeed a part of it, there's a purpose to an aromatherapy massage that goes beyond the sensory. By infusing the healing properties of essential oils and fragrances to a massage, the masseuse may apply deeper mind-body healing principles, nourishing muscles with additional elements of warmth and relief of herbal remedies, while helping to relieve mental and emotional anxiety achieved through the senses. Some of the benefits of an aromatherapy massage include easing depression, stimulating healing, and strengthening the immune system.

Apply These Massage Techniques In Combination

While Bangkok Day Spa specializes in traditional Thai massage, its staff is trained in all of the above massage styles and is ready to offer whichever approach to healing the client most needs. By choosing a combination massage, the client may receive a Classic/Swedish Massage as well as one of the others, for a full body treatment with relaxing and healthful results.


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