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Authentic Thai Massage Therapy in Downtown San Diego

Authentic Thai Massage Therapy in Downtown San Diego


Thai Massage Prices

Most services of $60 or more may currently be discounted. Please call us at (619) 693-5388 for more information and current prices. Prices vary by event and are subject to change without notice.

  • $39 For 30 Minutes
  • $60 For 1 Hour
  • $90 For 1.5 Hours
  • $120 For 2 Hours

What Is a Thai Massage?

The practice of traditional Thai Massage differs in many ways from other massage traditions. While it may involve direct massage to individual muscles similar to western massage styles, more holistic Thai massage techniques often include whole body stretches designed to relieve tensions as they connect through the body as a whole. The massage client remains fully clothed during the entire massage, as there's no need to apply massage oils to the skin.

The history of Traditional Thai Massage

The seeds of Thai massage were planted more than 2500 years ago in northern India, where the practice was developed by the renowned physician Jivaka Komara Bhacca. His practice sought to bring balance to a patient's mind and body, and was based on the tenets of traditional Ayurvedic medicine; particularly the practice of yoga, which is why many of the stretches involved in traditional Thai massage resemble yoga poses.

Jivaka Komara Bhacca's most famous patient was Siddhārtha Gautama, the Buddha himself. The spread of Buddhism brought Bhacca's practice to Thailand, where it mixed with the tenets of traditional Chinese medicine, which seek to open and bring balance the network of channels circulating energy throughout the body.

Thai Massage Techniques

A Thai massage therapist will use hands, feet, knees, and elbows to knead and release muscular tightness. However, the most distinguishing aspect of traditional Thai massage is the series of stretching activity that lengthens muscles and decompresses joints. While many of these stretches closely resemble yoga poses, the massage client remains passive throughout Thai massage techniques. Instead, the massage therapist arranges the client's arms, legs, and torso into yogic position, then pushes and pulls corresponding body parts to energize the pose. Because of this process, traditional Thai massage is often called "lazy man's yoga." 

Thai Massage Benefits

As with many massage techniques, traditional Thai massage benefits include pain relief, relaxation of muscle tension, and relief of stress. However, Thai massage also clears energy channels and invigorates circulation, so it leaves a client feeling stronger and more energized. The combined effects may also have a profound effect on the massage recipient's emotional and intellectual well being. Great times to visit a Thai massage parlor include prior to an important meeting, interview, or speaking engagement; during rehabilitation from some injuries, illnesses, or traumas; and at the beginning (or end) of a vacation.

What to expect at a Thai Massage Parlor

Thai massage doesn't typically take place on a western-style massage table; instead, it is performed while the recipient lies on a firm mattress or mat on the floor.  Many Thai massage techniques that you can expect involve the massage therapist folding the client's arms and legs against each other and the body, then applying weight to leverage muscles and joints into releasing tension. While shoes and socks shall be removed, the client remains clothed during the entire massage. Due to the amount of stretching involved, comfortable and loose-fitting clothes are recommended.

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